in-ear earplugs

semi-in-ear earplugs

Wired and Bluetooth

Earphone with an active noice-cancelling mic

Mobile devices brings communication habits change, will encounter the interface of external sounds, for example, at the station, market, party and so on. They hear the sounds for our environment that made them unable to hear the conversation clearly, and exposed our privacy.


The microphone eliminate the environment noice perfectly, just retain conversation voice, protect important conversation privacy. The effect of noice -cancelling reaches up to 85~90 db. It can be opened and closed depending on customers’ requirement.


The earbuds uses composite metal material, forming Lister’s Conch shape with more clear sound focus, and design the best resonant chamber in the minimum space, transfer the purest sound quality. Attached with in-ear earplugs (using when don’t want to external noise interface, such as dedicating to enjoy the music) and semi-in-ear earplugs(using when paying attention to external sound, such as driving).





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